Christchurch Mansion which lies just beyond the old town walls and North Gate of Ipswich was established as part of the estate of the Augustinian Priory of the Holy Trinity.  During Henry VIII‘s reign the Priory was suppressed and its estates seized by the Crown.  After being leased to various speculators it was sold in 1545 to Paul Withypoll, a successful London Merchant.  Some five generations later Price Devereux, 10th Viscount Hereford sold Christchurch to Claude Fonnereau, in whose family it remained for another five generations until 1892.  Under threat of demolition for development the Mansion was bought in 1895 by Felix Thornley Cobbold (1841-1909) #201 in the tree, and given to Ipswich Borough Council.  His far-sighted generosity saved the Mansion and Park from dispersal.  We show here a small selection of postcards from the Trust’s collection, dated where possible.

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