March 2015

A Recent article in the East Anglian Daily Times by historian Dr John Blatchly looking at the life of Ipswich ‘Algebraist’ and newspaper proprietor John King junior included a Henry Davy lithograph dated 1856 of Rosehill House in which King lived as tenant of Alan Brooksby Cobbold (1830-1901) #166 on the family tree.  Today the house, divided into two, stands at the northern end of Sandhurst Avenue beyond a roundabout with what may be one of the 4 original Yew trees at its centre.

The lithograph includes two cylindrical observatories for which Dr Blatchly presumes Alan Brooksby gave permission and a free standing telescope which looks too small to have helped John King determine the distance of the sun from the earth which he calculated to 10 decimal places.

This house is of some interest to us.  It is believed but not confirmed that the house was owned by Owen Roe (1770-1825) #2878 who was a gilder, mirror maker and picture dealer with a shop at 2 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich. As it stands on slightly elevated ground it perhaps started as ‘Roe’s Hill.’  Roe’s daughter or possibly his niece Ann (1795-1851) #103 married Charles Cobbold (1793-1859) #102 as a result of ‘matched’ Valentines at one of his mother’s famous balls in 1811.

 The Trust has both the ‘successful’ Valentines and a silver snuff box given to Charles in 1839 prior to his leaving Ipswich for Edinburgh.  The reason for this move is not understood.  Charles and Ann had 4 children of whom only Alan Brooksby out lived his father.  Alan’s son Charles Augustus Cobbold (1871-1915) #169 was a Captain serving with 7th Bn. the Suffolk Regiment when he was killed.  He is commemorated on the Loos Memorial and his death plaque is held by the Trust.

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