April 2015

The village of Trimley to the west of Felixstowe is as important to us as it is single churchyard.  Sadly, St. Mary is now largely unused.  Eight Cobbolds are buried in the churchyard (they are listed below) but perhaps the strangest thing is the pair of stained glass windows in the north and south walls of the church of St. Mary.

One depicting St. Edmund which is ‘given to the greater glory of God and in memory of Ernest St. George Cobbold’ (1840-1895) #199 features his face complete with walrus moustache and the other dedicated to St. George features Ernest’s son, Herbert St. George Cobbold (1871-1944) #323, again with his face and fully grown upper lip.

Buried at Trimly

Sarah Cobbold (1717-1777) #45
Henry Cobbold (1813-1873) #131
Horace Cobbold (1821-1890) #2749
Louisa Cobbold (1813-1894) #146
Emily Cobbold (1809-1902) #129
Katherine Cobbold (1832-1914) #2750
John Dupuis Cobbold (1861-1929 #307
Florence Jane Cobbold (1856-1938) #2859
Ralph Patteson Cobbold (1868-1965) #316

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