April 2015

Once again we have much gratitude to express.

Thank you….

Julian and Sarah Royle for a contribution to the endowment fund and for linking into the family tree; Sarah is #9862.

Lady Kenya Tatton Brown for more information for the family tree.

Mr & Mrs John Moorby for 2 ‘Suffolk’ books and for papers for the archive, particularly those relating to ITFC’s victory in the FA Cup in 1978.

Bernice Mansell for more information on the Boursot family; Commandant Claude Boursot (1769-1846) #6884 was a supplier of Champagne to Napoleon.

Ann Jameson for reminding us of the marriage between banker and Liberal politician, Thomas Tertius Paget (1807-1892) #7865 and Katherine Geraldine McCausland (1827-1869).

We are pleased to report the addition to the trust library of

Parsons and Prisons which is Bina Martin’s book on Temple Chevallier Martin (1842-1933), His ancestors and his descendants.  We have not yet fully digested our purchase but are delighted that it establishes in detail the link between the Chevallier and Edgcumbe families into both of which Cobbolds have married.

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