May 2015

Mr John and Mr Patrick as they were affectionately known were much admired for their enthusiastic leadership in the brewery business but even more so for their dedication to Ipswich Town Football Club.

John Cavendish Cobbold (1927-1983) #575 on the family tree was appointed to the board of ITFC at the age of 21 which made him the youngest ever football club director.  He was chairman from 1957 to 1976 and remained a director until his death in 1983.

Patrick Mark Cobbold (1934-1994) #576 took over as chairman in 1976, a post he retained until 1991.

The trust was invited to speak about the family at one of the Ipswich and Suffolk Club’s Thursday lunches last month.  Our talk was much appreciated by the capacity audience and we would like to put on record our gratitude for the hospitality received.

The walls of the bar in the club are graced by numerous caricatures of members and our thanks go to Robert Coppin for copies of those of Mr John and Mr Patrick.  In case the wording is not easily read we reproduce it below.


What is thy wish, O my master?
Is it for the love of the most
beauliful Woman on earth?

No, it is for the
biggest bottle of
Wine on Earth!

Amo versus Vino
latest score
Grapes 20 Apples nil


‘You ‘orrible idle dozy man you’
Leslie, do any of
your Thursday Club
play football?
I need – a striker –
a winger, a defender,
a midfield, a goalie

No, Patrick.
the Spirits are
Strong but the
Flesh is Weak

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