June 2015

Back in April Gerry Lowth (#4532 on the family tree) whose family has, like ours, strong connections with Caius College, Cambridge, kindly alerted the Trust to an article in the Ross Gazette which told that a lady resident, whilst sorting through papers, had found a copy of a sermon preached on 21st June 1887 by Rev. R H Cobbold (#148), Rector of Ross, to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.  Through the good offices of the Ross Gazette and Gerry Lowth the lady was contacted and she agreed to donate the sermon to the Trust and as a token of appreciation the Trust made a donation of £25 to her church.

Coincidentally, Gerry recalled that in the 1930s a Lt. Col. Cobbold (#391) lived in Alton Street in Ross with their daughter Prudence (#509) and that they had a niece called Ann Jamieson (#1792) who was for a while the Lowth’s governess.

A few days later I noticed a rather large and handsome three-handled silver plated drinking cup was to be auctioned.  It had been won by Francis Edward Davy Cobbold (#237), son of the Rev. R H Cobbold, for winning the half mile when he was up at Cambridge.  Coincidentally, F E D Cobbold, later ordained, was a curate of Weston-under-Penyard (Gerry’s parish) from 1902 to 1904 whilst on furlough from his post as Senior Chaplain in Punjab.

In writing to us just recently the lady donor, Mrs. Ruby Price mentioned that she had been to a ‘Meeting with Michael Palin’ (he of prodigious talent and endearing personality) and had discovered that Michael’s grandfather, Rev. Edward Palin had been Rector of Linton for 38 years.  Coincidentally, Rev. Edward’s daughter, Brita (#242) married another of Rev. R H Cobbold’s sons, Henry Ralph (#241) who became a prosperous merchant in Calcutta.

That is not quite the end of the story because not long ago the Trust acquired a miniature Hymns A & M, not much larger than a £2 coin, but beautifully leather bound, which had been given to Henry and Brita’s daughter, also named Brita, when she was 7 years old in Calcutta.  Lovingly tucked within is a little picture of her pet puppy, James.

Our thanks, of course, to the Trust’s family and friends in and around Ross who made this vignette possible!

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