June 2015

First in the Cobbold & Kin Series written by Clive Hodges

Holwells Park, Stables and Conservatory will officially re-open on July 18th.  Everyone is welcome and you need to be there before 12 noon for the opening ceremony and the musical events which follow.  The Trust will be there displaying the Elizabeth Cobbold paper-cut Valentines and there will be a live paper-cutting demonstration in the newly restored conservatory.

That day will also see the official launch of Holywells, Home of the Cobbolds by Clive Hodges who is now Author in Residence at the Trust.  The restoration of the park, stables and conservatory is a wonderful achievement but it leaves an unavoidable gap.  What about the house and the family that lived there?

Holywells, Home of the Cobbolds fills that gap!  It charts the connected histories of one of Ipswich’s best-loved public spaces and the Cobbold family who lived there from 1814 to 1829.  To tempt you here are the chapter titles:


1. Early History
2. The Cobbolds Arrive
3. Victorian Transformation
4. John Dupuis and Lady Evelyn
5. Public Park
6. A Park for the People

Holywells, Home of the Cobbolds, a paperback at £7.99 is within everyone’s reach and will be available on this website before the end of June.  Watch for its arrival at Books for Sale.

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