August 2015


Your family history trust archive and collection continue to grow a pace thanks to the gifts of family and friends.  Here we recognise all whose generosity is appreciated by this generation and will be appreciated by future generations.

Bill Humphreys and Jonathan Shackleton for financial donations,
Chris Heath for information on, and photographs of, his family of successful Victorian Midland Industrialists, who once owned Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire.
Two Heath sisters married two Toynbee brothers.  Family member, Julian Gibbs lead the National Trust team which restored the Biddulph garden to its Victorian splendour,
Rowell Bell for weekly newspaper cuttings,
Prim Cobbold and Neville Cobbold for more family photographs,
Sarah Cobbold for more information on the descendents of William Cobbold (1742-1827) and Elizabeth Snell (b. c.1743)
Rachel Gibbs for a tribute by her son and an obituary by the BMJ for her husband, Dr Denis Gibbs who died in January this year,
Philippa Bagnell for copies of moving tributes to her mother, Geraldeen Tatton-Brown née Mortimer, born in 1919 who died in June this year,
Alexander MacEwen for correcting a major error on the family tree and for further information and,
Anne & Belinda Hasted, Jeremy Douglas, Richard Cole and Chris Lloyd for valuable information for the family tree.

(Please accept apologies for any accidental omission)

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