March 2017

Now enjoying well earned retirement, Ringwould Jaguar was a superstar Australian Stock Horse bred by Jim and Augusta Saunders named after Ringwould House in Kent built by Sir John Soane in 1813 for Augusta’s 4 x great grandfather, the Rev. John Monins (#4023 on the family tree). We will return to our equine subject in a moment but firstly we should just touch on the relationship of the Cobbolds to 4 great historic families: Monins, Chevallier, Kitchener and Tatton-Brown.

Rev. John (1786-1853) had a son, Rev. Richard Eaton Monins (1813-1852) who married Emily Chevallier (1824-1893). Their son, Major Henry (Joe) Monins (1851-1920) married Edith (Edie) Cobbold (1863-1947). Their daughter, Adela Monins (1893-1986) who was born at Ringwould married Capt. H F C Kitchener (1878-1928) who became Viscount Broome on the death of Lord Kitchener in 1916 and their daughter, Lady Kenya Kitchener (born 1923) married Capt J S Tatton Brown (1905-1971). Their daughter, Augusta Tatton Brown (born 1955) married Jim Saunders (1935-2012) whose mother was also a Tatton-Brown.

A synopsis of Ringwould Jaguar’s career has recently been entered as Augusta’a biography paragraph at #2100 on the family tree but the following vignette about him and his rider, Sonja Johnson shows what a gutsy pair they were right from the beginning.

This is one of the best photos of Ringwould Jaguar, taken in 2004 at Sydney, the selection event for the Athens Olympics. He had had a near fall on the cross country; there was a bounce going into the water, he had met bounces into water at the last two courses, all similar big rails, so he over jumped (that’s what you use bounces for, to make them sharper) and just about went under water on landing. Sonja was washed off (she has a series of spectacular photos) but he didn’t fall, so they were able to carry on. At the next water, she took a longer route to be ‘safe’ and he stepped into a hole with his off hind. Twisted the hock, said “OUCH” so she pulled him away from the fence, but he then was OK so they carried on. Finished the course, passed the vet, and then he said ‘by the way my hock hurts so much you’d better get the float to take me back to the stables’. Of course Sonja went into panic mode, called on all the team, vet, farrier, physio etc, got an X-ray machine brought in, which showed no major damage, so they did ice and tens machine most of the night and next morning he passed trot-up! Then he was the only horse to jump two clear rounds in the SJ, (New format for Athens); so incredibly brave of him! Of course next morning it was swollen and barely moving so he couldn’t go to Athens, which is why they went on to win their second World Cup qualifier at Warwick (the first one was at Melbourne in June) and then fund-raise to go to Pau where they enjoyed further success. They were the only combination to have won two qualifiers. Remarkable!

They later became Olympic Silver Medallists.

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