May 2017

Peg, now in her 98th year lives in a seniors’ apartment in Waterloo and stars as a 'bright young thing' in their advertising, enticing viewers to “Come join the FUN.” But, that is not all; she has just completed her second book Travelling to Music which beautifully describes her adventurous trip to Europe as a chaperone to 67 teenaged band students for 7 weeks in 1962. With their first venue the Albert Hall this book is 150 pages of compelling narrative with hundreds of pictures and the Trust is delighted to have a signed copy in its library.

What happened after Jack chopped down the beanstalk and defeated the giant? You can’t expect there to be no consequences can you? Jack and the Beanstalk Continued is Shirley Fowley’s answer. It’s a small book but great fun and has a happy ending when Jack retires to a condo in the Carib-bean, and lives happily and bean-free ever after. Again the Trust is pleased to have a signed copy in its library along with about another 500 books by or about family members.

To buy either of these books email Shirley:

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