February 2018

Pioneering Physician is the title of an excellent book recording the Life of Professor Charles Montague Fletcher CBE, MD, FRCP, FFCM, (1911-1995) (#12079 on the web family tree).

The author is Max Blythe who interviewed Charles Fletcher so frequently that the book is virtually an autobiography.  Charles went up to Trinity College, Cambridge as a scholar from Eton and rowed in the winning Cambridge crew in the 1933 Boat Race.

“Charles Fletcher had exceptional influence on healthcare and health education in Britain.  He wrote the original report of the Royal College of Physicians on smoking and health, the first report by any national body in the world.  As the nation’s popular first TV doctor he led the medical enlightenment of millions.

Early in his career, he took on the challenge of developing research into Pneumoconiosis, the dust disease disabling tens of thousands of British coal miners.  From this came major advances in its prevention.  Later his research attention turned to chronic bronchitis, a disease then afflicting hundreds of thousands in Britain and accounting for 30,000 of their deaths annually.  Major prevention guidelines resulted

In addition to anti-smoking campaigning, the later years of his career were distinguished by initiatives that improved the care and welfare of Asthma and diabetes patients, and ensured that doctors were trained to communicate better.  Pioneering Physician is the complete story of a remarkable contributor to a nation’s health and its international influence.”

Published 2016,  Words by Design.

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