March 2018

Through a generous donation from Australian residents, Charles and Kate Cobbold (#640/1 on the web family tree), the Trust has acquired and restored these excellent images.  The watercolours were badly damaged by silverfish and both silhouettes were broken.  Restoration was skilfully carried out by Amanda Yale who has worked for the Trust many times previously.

The silhouettes are of Richard Moseley Westhorp (#1973) and his wife Anne Clayton (#1974) and the watercolours are of their granddaughter Sarah Frances Westhorp (1817-1891) (#151) and her husband Dr Rowland Townshend Cobbold (1821-1895) (#150).  The child on Sara’s knee is their first daughter Fanny Mary Cobbold (1847-1941) (#248).

Rowland and Sarah had four homes following their marriage on 17th September 1846.  They were in St. Albans from 1846 until 1853 and this is where Fanny, (#248) Bessie, (#249) Edgar(#250) and the twins Arthur (#252) and Alfred (#253) were born.  Bessie died of Scarlet Fever aged 9.  They moved to Bredfield for a year (1853-1854) where Thomas (#256) was born but he died aged only 2 from enteritis.  Their third home was in Trimley where they remained for six years up to 1860 and where Edith (#257) and Rowland (#258) joined the family.  Their last home which they built on the site of a previous house was Dedham Lodge (now Milsom’s Dedham Hotel) is where their last two children, Paul (#260) and Bessie (#1193) were born.  Of their ten children eight lived to maturity.

Their meeting.

Sarah recounts that two schoolboys sat, as boys are sometimes wont to do, side by side on a gate by the roadside in a village on the Stour.  There passed by on the same road two maidens returning home from some errand or their customary walk.  With becoming modesty, they passed looking neither to the right nor the left.  The boys, as was natural, looked straight before them and admired.  Said one to the other, indicating the elder girl, “That’s the girl I would like to make my wife.”  He was 18 years of age and she was 22.  History is silent for 3 years when they became betrothed and 4 years later his wish was fulfilled (1846).

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