Silken Strands - 2

April 2018

The Trust is pleased to have acquired the following items and gladly expresses its grateful thanks to all donors past and present.  Thank you. 

  • DVD  ‘Oh, Whistle and I’ll come to you, My Lad’, written by M R James and narrated by Robert Lloyd Parry with a documentary featuring Felix Thornley Cobbold and The Lodge, Felixstowe.
  • ‘Ipswich, Memories of a Special Town’ by Barry Girling aided by his wife, Elaine.
  • Magazine article from ‘The Country Home’ by Amy Astbury entitled ‘St. Margaret’s Manor House, Ipswich and Margaret Catchpole’ probably written in 1960s and containing many of the inaccuracies to which students of the Margaret Catchpole story have become accustomed plus one new one which claims that the story was written “with the full consent of the heroine” despite the fact that she was dead and buried in Australia before the author put pen to paper in this country!
  • Alumni Cantabrigienses Part II 1752-1900.  5 volumes to add to the one already owned to complete the set.  This is a useful research tool and will live alongside the Trust’s 4 volumes of Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886.
  • Ipswich Pubs 2016  by Susan Gardiner
  • Great Muslims of the West 2017 by Muhammed Khan
  • South Atlantic Safari 2015 by Capt.Don McVicar
  • Pioneering Physician 2016  by Max Blythe.  The story of Professor Charles Montague Fletcher, CBE, MD, FRCP, FFCM, 1911-1995 #12079 on the web family tree.
  • The Fisherman’s Family 2017 by Robin Colson.  The Fisherman in the title is none other than Robinson Crusoe a key character in Richard Cobbold’s ‘History of Margaret Catchpole’ and his image is the frontispiece to the book
  • Photograph of  Albert Edward Cobbold  who served in the RAF in WWI, #12343 on the web tree.


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