October 2018

The Reverend John Patteson #5736 on the family tree, Canon of Norwich Cathedral died suddenly on September 6th 1902 whilst addressing his guests at a garden party.

He was a Mawson Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, taking his degree in Mathematics in 1836 as twenty-fifth Wrangler. The following year he was ordained deacon and two years later priest. He was curate of Stalbridge, Dorset from 1837 to 1844 before being appointed to St. Jude’s Chelsea as perpetual curate. He married Elizabeth daughter of Sir Samuel Hoare in Edmonton on 23rd June 1846 and over the next 13 years they were to have 2 boys, James Carlos and Frank Eugene, and 3 girls, AliceCaroline and Catherine. In 1855 he was presented with the rectory of Christ Church, Spitalfields where he stayed for some 12 years. His longest incumbency was next as rector of Thorpe, Norfolk from 1867 to 1896; whilst there he became Rural Dean of Blofield in 1870 and honorary canon of Norwich in 1882

In the course of his 22 years in London he had to work through 3 outbreaks of Cholera in 1848, 1849 and 1856. He was publicly thanked for his self-denying sacrifices on behalf of the sufferers by the Lord Mayor. On leaving Spitalfields he was presented with a silver salver inscribed “Presented to the Rev. John Patteson, MA., by persons of all shades of opinion upon his resigning the rectorship of the parish, as a token of the great respect felt towards him personally, as well as an expression of the high sense they entertain of the indefatigable exertions he has made, and the valuable services he has rendered to the inhabitants generally and especially to poor children in the district during the eleven years he filled the office of rector of the parish.”

At some stage in his life, possibly upon marriage, he acquired a comprehensive and fully fitted silver chest. Though the silver is long since gone the Trust recently obtained the chest which is here illustrated. It makes a very handsome addition to our archive and helps to represent the many instances where the Suffolk Cobbolds have lived and worked alongside the revered and historic family of Patteson of Norfolk.

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