February 2019

Beaujolois Cavendish née Wodehouse born 7th February 1919 #11005 on the web family tree celebrated her 100th birthday this week. She volunteered as a Wren in the Women’s Royal Naval Service at the age of 23. She spent the war working deep beneath the ground in a huge network of tunnels at the centre of naval operations in Portsmouth.

In her memoirs published in 2012 she described the moment she found out she was to be put in charge of one of the plotting teams. “By the spring of 1944, I had been on the staff of Commander Tim Taylor for 18 months or more and he had seen a good deal of my work. I was thrilled to be trusted with the secret blueprint of the D-Day invasion plans”. “It was only after the war that I learnt that I was one of only nine people in the fort who knew these invasion plans”.

Mrs Cavendish’s family, including two children, six grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren gathered at her care home to hold a ‘low-key’ celebration to mark her milestone. Her daughter, Kate Tyrell said: “It is a remarkable achievement and definitely a cause for celebration. We are all very proud of her.”

The Cobbold Family History Trust agrees wholeheartedly and knowing that she is the last surviving D-Day plotter adds its congratulations and sends very best wishes. Our thanks to Peter Mead and to Metro Newspaper, 7th February 2019.

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