February 2019

The Trust is pleased to have added the following to its archive and is particularly grateful to all donors:

  • A Tolly Cobbold advertising clock
  • Miniature book of Common Prayer (A. Thursby-Pelham) from Kevin Stanley
  • 2 newspaper cuttings: Ivan Cobbold and Harriet Ann Cobbold
  • ‘The District Visitor’ (1935) by Helen M Cobbold
  • ‘House Hunt’ an article on Glemham Hall, Suffolk
  • War Diaries 1939-1945 by Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke
  • Gold Signet Ring (Jill Cobbold)
  • Adulation or Adulteration?  A paper by Dr Carolyn Cobbold
  • 11 photographic prints on related subjects
  • ‘Marlborough College and the Great War in 100 Stories’

Family tree information from (in no particular order):

Nigel Sawyer, Peter Head, Nicky Hibbin, Simon Toynbee, Emma Tristram, Susanna Graham-Jones, David Jamieson, Owen Chapman, Robin Doughty, Bev Bowry, Kevin Stanley, Simon Dickens, Peter Clarke, David Ryder Richardson, Charlotte Hayler, Sylvia Daintrey, Iain Sanders, Catherine Buchanan, Martin Riley, John Deen, Robin Minter-Kemp, Nicki Wilson, Jan Still, Bill Norton, Christine Haines, Meg Gilzean, Cor Roest, Anthony Talbot, Joe Gleeson, Anne Hasted, Chris Cobbold, Darren Martel, Barbara Lawrence, John Barr, Julie Hart, Karmagi Derek, Michael Cobbold (USA) and Vanessa Griffith.

The large number of people above, who have volunteered help and/or information in just the first 9 weeks of this year, indicates the substantial interest now being shown in the Trust’s on-line interactive family tree.  We thank them all, and any who we have accidentally omitted. 

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