March 2019

The Trust is pleased to have added the following to its archive and is particularly grateful to all donors

  • ‘So Far So Good’ a memoir by Christopher Haines, gift of the author.
  • ‘Bird Summons’ by Leila Aboulela, gift of the author
  • Akenfield’ a video, gift of Annie and Belinda Hasted
  • ‘Lion Hunting in Abyssinia’ 190

Family tree information from (in no particular order):

Elizabeth Seekings, David Jamieson, Sarah Houstoun, Leslie Rhodes, Nicky Hibbin, Catherine Armitage, Carolyn and Tim Cobbold, Emma Staughton, Virginia van der Lande, Caroline Smith, Rowell Bell, Mike Sparrow, Adele Mallen, Chris Dunham, Hugh Chevallier, Charlie Sharp, Gerry Lowth, Victoria Parker-Jervis, Martin and Caroline Surgey, Jane MacDonald-Styslinger, Lottie Haylor, Bill Norton, Lois Cordelia and Louise Fairs-Johnson.

Our thanks go to those who have made, and continue to make, financial donations to the Endowment Fund.  This is the fund which underwrites the future of the Trust.  Thank you.   

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