June 2019

This month marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  If nothing else, a family history trust should commemorate those family members who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Thirteen Cobbolds died in World War II.  Two died in June 1944.

Lance Corporal Percy Leonard Cobbold lost his life during the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day itself, 6th June.  He was a member of 242 HQ Provost Company of the Corps of Military Police.  He was just 35 years old, the son of Charles William and Lizzie Cobbold of Broadwater, Worthing, Sussex and the husband of Eveline Rebecca Mary Cobbold, also of Worthing, Sussex.  Sadly, that is all the Trust knows about Percy; we have no photograph and we cannot place him on the family tree.  If anyone is able to help please speak up.

Also killed in June, on Sunday 18th, just twelve days after the invasion, was Lt. Colonel John Murray (Ivan) Cobbold #448 on the web family tree, who ironically had been a member of Bernard Montgomery’s team planning the D-Day invasion of Europe with Dwight D Eisenhower’s staff.  Ivan went to morning service at the Guards’ Chapel the day a doodlebug exploded on the chapel killing over 120 worshippers.  A friend and fellow sportsman, Lord Alanbrooke described his death as ‘a ghastly blow to me, made all the worse by the fact that when Brian Boyle was telling me of his death, I was actually picking up Ivan’s letter off my blotting pad.  His invitation to lunch that week made a very large lump rise in my throat’.  Ivan had been married in the Guards’ Chapel some 25 years previously and had held a silver wedding thanksgiving service there about three months before.


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