July 2019

The generous gift of Delia Golding, the Trust has acquired a lovely leather-bound, gilt-edged subscription book which was presented by the parishioners to Churchwarden William Harvey Orvis on 25th January 1909 expressing their sympathy for his illness and wishing him a speedy recovery.  The dedication was endorsed by the Rector, the Curate, the other Churchwarden and over 200 parishioners

A personal message is added by a signatory “H.L. Ipswich (designate of Stepney)”.  This entry is not understood and if anyone can explain, we would love to hear from them.

There are 5 Cobbold signatories:

Adela Harriette Cobbold (1837-1917) #187.  John Patteson’s widow.

Evelyn Anna Cobbold (1873-1959). #322.  Adela’s daughter and wife of Herbert St. George Cobbold

John Dupuis Cobbold (1861-1925) #307.  Adela’s eldest son.

Winifred Evelyn Cobbold (1892-1965) #450.  John Dupuis’s daughter aged 17.

John Murray Cobbold (1897-1944)

 #448.  John Dupuis’s only son aged 12.

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