October 2019

The Trust met up with Michael Cobbold (born 1953) #1849 and his son Benson (born 1983) #3458 from California for 3 days in Ipswich recently.  Until retirement Michael was Safety Officer for the Denali National Park in Alaska following a lifetime’s work for the USDA Forestry Service.  Benson is a fully qualified Intensive Care Nurse having graduated from Sacramento State University in 2007.  In the course of his duties Michael took a photograph of Mount McKinley which was adopted by Alaskan Post Cards of Anchorage.  Mount McKinley (named after US Presidential Candidate William McKinley in 1896 but now officially known as ‘Denali’) is the highest mountain peak in North America at 20,310 feet, and the 3rd highest in the world after Mount Everest and Aconcagua.  It is the centre piece of Denali National Park.

Michael is the elder son of Jaime (James or Jim) Walter Cobbold (1925-2007) #1845 who was an avid collector of Cobbold memorabilia and became one of the Trust’s earliest and most generous donors.  Sadly, he and his lovely wife, Elsa are both dead now but after Jim died Elsa told me how relieved Jim was to have found the Trust to be the perpetual guardian of his precious collection.  Michael has continued the tradition by giving to the Trust, inter alia, a fine print of the famous Hon, John Collier portrait of Felix Thornley Cobbold which hangs in the Great Hall at Christchurch Mansion.  Readers will remember that the portrait was paid for by public subscription to show appreciation for the gift of Christchurch to the Borough of Ipswich.

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