October 2019

The Trust is pleased to have acquired the following:

  • A signed black & white print (483mm x 350mm) of the Hon John Collier’s portrait of Felix Thornley Cobbold which hangs in Christchurch Mansion.  This, together with a number of other items was the gift of Michael Cobbold (#1849) of California during his recent visit.
  • ‘The Road to Grantchester’ by James Runcie #3786, the gift of the Keeper

The Trust is grateful for the above gifts and to those listed below (in no particular order) who have helped the Trust or provided valuable information:

Lady Kenya Tatton-Brown and Charlotte Appleby, R & J Bell, Caroline Philp, Charlotte Paterson, Nicky Hibbin, Phil Mansell, Vanessa Griffith, Christine Lee, Robin Doughty, Debra Cartwright, Jane Dismore, Peter Le Marchand, Stephen Hottinger, John Newell, Leslie Rhodes, Philip Hill, Neville Cobbold, Anne Mott, Kim Cobbold, Andrew Bassett-Smith, Libby Glover and Frazer Simpson.

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