1st November 2019

A party of Cobbolds (nameless in case anyone left work to bury a grandmother who just happened to die during the World Cup!) were enthusiastic fans helping England get to the final.  Many have stayed on for the final tomorrow having sent their older generation beautiful post cards including one of Mount Fuji.

This reminded the older generation of the story of the first ascent of Mount Fusiyama (as it was then spelled) by a lady.  Lilian Hope Cobbold (1872-1946) #259 on the web family tree wrote to The Times in 1932 following the ascent of the Eiger from the Mittellegi Hut to say that her mother Lady Parkes nee Plumer (1832-1897) #850 was the first lady to ascend Mount Fusiyama on the 7th and 8th of October 1867.  She received a gold bracelet “Presented to Lady Parkes by Capt. W Shaw 73rd Regiment and others as a slight remembrance of a very pleasant trip across Fusiyama, and also to commemorate the first ascent of the mountain by a lady” to the amazement of the Japanese in their pre-westernised days.

So, from an ascent 152 years ago to the present day we wish England World Cup success tomorrow. 

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