December 2019

The Trust wishes you, your family and all our friends a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a fulfilling 2020

Whilst writing we would like to introduce the latest ‘Cobbold’ book: Cobbold’s Wortham – The Portrait of a Victorian Village.

The Reverend Richard Cobbold was Rector of Wortham, a small rural village in Suffolk for 50 years during the 19th century. In 1860, he decided to create an original book as a gift for his wife Mary Ann. Features of Wortham was the result – a small, beautifully bound volume of original watercolours and writings. Cobbold was a competent amateur artist and spent the late spring and early summer of 1860 painting views of every corner of his parish. To accompany the delicate paintings, he wrote charming descriptions of the inhabitants of the cottages, pubs, mansions, farmhouses, workshops and other buildings.

This book contains all 111 watercolours from the original book in full colour. Each painting is accompanied by a transcription of Cobbold’s records and a description. The whole gives a fascinating insight into life in Victorian rural England and is a treasure trove of interest for those who love the English countryside and the history of its past and its people.

Cover image: Old Judy Fullers Cot and Tinker Jolly’s Shop.

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