March 2020

“The practice which some owners have of putting their cars into ‘cold storage’ for the winter is sheer foolishness”. So thought Dr Philip Thomas Amys (1835-1911) # 10369 on the web family tree.  Dr Philip lived in Peterborough, Ontario and had ready access to the Kennebecasis River, a tributary of the St. John River in southern New Brunswick.  “Not only is it an exceedingly popular pastime just now” says the Ford Times “, but it offers a brand new thrill and combines all the best features of the other ice sports with none of the hazards”.

 The physical exertions of skating limit that diversion to a small area; ice boating is a dangerous sport, and no sport at all when the wind dies down, especially if the crew has to push the boat back to port.  Skiing is pretty rough travelling and is very apt to result in some hard tumbles; and tobogganing always means a long hard climb after each brief slide.  But the lovers of ice motoring declare that it is all pleasure and no discomfort.  There is nothing slow about the sport either.  With a smooth open stretch ahead, and nothing to steer round, the Ford cars in every case speed away from the fastest skaters and glide along independent of wind or anything else.

How times change!

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