The Hon Mrs Charles Kitchener (1924-2020)

May 2020

The Trust is sad to announce the death of Ursula Hope Kitchener, née Luck #1489 on the web family tree at Stafford House, Dorset, gently, on Friday 10th April 2020 aged 96.  She had the reputation, which preceded her, of being ‘enchanting’ and indeed she was.  On death she was described as ‘Naturally beautiful, elegant, vivid and loyal, an indomitable conversationalist with a mischievous sense of humour.’

On 15th August 1959, in Canterbury Cathedral she married the Hon Charles Eaton Kitchener (1920-1982), the son of Viscount Broome and grandson of 2nd Earl Kitchener, who had been a founder member of staff at the Duke of York School in Nairobi.  Our picture shows what a beautiful person she was outside, and a day I spent with her in 2012 showed what a beautiful person she was inside and the joy of dozens of friends and cousins at her 90th birthday party showed that she was loved and admired universally.

Those who say we shall never see her like again are right. 

Anthony Cobbold


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