June 2020

‘The good thing about being told to stay at home’, wrote Shirley Fowley # 4230 on the web family tree, to The Artist published in Tenterden, Kent, ‘is that I have been doing a lot of experimental painting.  I decided to do something with my backyard fish pond, which is bordered with Bamboo (yes, I can grow certain hardy varieties of Bamboo in southern Ontario).  I started by applying the colour of the water using a large paint scraper and really liked the result.  I had tried to get a spontaneous ‘abstract’ and yes, Chinese feel to my painting, but as I tried to paint the debris floating on the water the spontaneity vanished from the lower right portion of the work.  In the same issue (July 2020), in her article ‘Be your own best judge’, Hazel Soan warns about the dangers of getting picky – that is my failing.’

This month’s star letter writer will receive a Studio+ Membership to PaintersOnline, worth £49.95.  Congratulations to Shirley.

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