June 2020

In a Cobbweb dated August 2019 we told that, of the 4 large albums of fine paper-cut Valentines  left by Elizabeth Cobbold (1765-1824) #58 on the web family tree, one was already in the Trust’s ownership [that of Richard (1797-1877) #106], two had been broken up and sold off as décor items and that the 4th [that of Charles (1793-1859) #102] was on loan to the Trust for research purposes. 

The Trust is delighted to announce that the 4th album has now been donated to the Trust.  This is an act of enormous generosity by a very kind family member who wishes to remain anonymous.  The Trust has thanked the donor on behalf of current and future generations.  It needs to be said that the importance of these Valentines cannot be over stated and it is estimated that over 50% of Elizabeth’s entire output is now safely in the possession of the Trust or family members.

We show a portrait of Elizabeth and two Valentines from the newly donated album.  The portrait is that used on the cover of the Trust’s recently published biography

Elizabeth Cobbold Georgian Polymath.  Copies are still available from this website or by ‘phoning 01752 89449

Copies are still available from this website or by ‘phoning 01752 89449

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