Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of hopefully all questions about this Family Tree system that you may have. Simply find the most appropriate questions and the answer will be displayed. We hope that this section is useful in helping you find your way around the Cobbold Family Tree.

Why do you only display three generations at any one time in the Family Tree?

Due to the constraints of the modern computer screen it is only possible to display a limited amount of information at any one time. We settled on three levels as this seemed the most practical amount of information to display at any one time, whilst still maintaining the traditional family tree feel.

If there are more people than will fit the screen how can I see them?

If the section of the family tree that you are viewing is to large for your screen then you are able to move around the viewing pane in the traditional manner by using the side ‘up & down’ scrollbar and the bottom ‘left & right’ scrollbar, you will see that the ‘Tree’ will move accordingly. So you are able to ‘scroll’ the tree to any position that you require.

We have even included a virtual ‘Tree Position’ tool which is located at the top right of the Family Tree viewing pane. The Red Bordered square act as virtual indicator of where you are on that section of the family tree. Additionally you can click anywher in this pain to automatically move you screen viewing location. Basically it gives you a rough guide of where you are on the screen at any given point.

Have a play, you will soon get the hang of it.

How do I move up and down through the Family Tree?

When you look at the screen at any position within the tree you will notice that the person at the top of the viewing pane is highlighted with a darker border than the rest. This means that he is the ‘Primary’ and that subsequent branches below directly relate to him/her.

To view a specific part of the tree you simply select the person you wish to make the ‘Primary’ and the screen will display them in the highlighted position and their direct descendants. Additionally you will also see their parents, so that you can identify where you have come from.

What if a person has more than one Spouse?

If an individual has had more than one spouse then above the first displayed spouses entry will have two blue arrow buttons to navigate back and forth along with an entry like “Spouse 1 of 2” to move to the next spouse simply click the blue arrow button and the details of that spouse will be displayed along with any subsequent children.

To go back to a previous spouse simply click the blue arrow pointing left.

What does the blue information button do?

This button will take you to the individuals biography screen with expanded details on this person including where possible a photo, the main details, a written biography of the individual including any interesting stories or facts and a list of life events.

In the Biography screen, what is the ‘Life Events’ list for?

This is an area which displays all the major events in an individuals life. For example: Birth dates, marriage dates, birth of children, key events like honours and awards and Death dates. There may also be some detail listed to individual life events.

You will notice that where other individuals are shown you can link directly through to their biography pages as well.

What are the buttons for on the biography page?

The Back button simply works like the back button on your browser and will take you back to the previous screen that you were viewing

The Print button allows you to print off all the biography details in a printer friendly format.

The View in Tree button will take you back to the family tree making that individual the ‘Primary’.

What is the ‘Historical Timeline’ for?

This is basically there for information only and lets you know a what point in the family history you are looking. Additionally you will see multiple lines which drop slightly below the main timeline, if you move your mouse over these you will see that the system displays the individual who was born on that date with a link setting the selected individual as the primary within the tree. It is intended more as an indicator than anything else.

Can I search for a specific individual family member?

Yes you can.

To do this you need to press the search tab on the main navigation or use the quick search at the top right of the screen.

Enter your search query. This can be surname, title or forename or part of the name. For example if you type in ‘Cob’ instead of ‘Cobbold’, you will still get a list of all the ‘Cobbolds’. In addition you will be displaying any individual that may have ‘Cob’ in there title and name. This is very handy where spellings may not be accurately known or if you are looking for an individual who was a ‘Captain’ and you only search for ‘Capt’.

How are the ‘search results’ displayed?

The results will be displayed in surname, forename and year of birth order to a maximum of 30 per page and in three columns. If there are more than 30 search results, then the subsequent results will automatically be displayed on another page.

You will also be able to click on an individual and view them in the ‘Primary’ position in the family tree.

What is the ‘Family Index’ for?

This is a quick index of all members of the family tree.

Simply click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the surname of the person you are looking for. The results will be listed in exactly the same way as with the ‘search page’.

You will also be able to click on an individual and view them in the ‘Primary’ position in the family tree.

These FAQs haven’t answered my questions. How can I contact you?

If you feel that we have missed anything or that you have any suggestions on how we could improve this system please contact us through our main website:

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