How the Tree Works

The tree opens with John Cobbold (1746-1835) in PRIME position. Note the dark brown line around his card. The screen shows his parents, his first wife, his children (by his first wife) and his grandchildren. All screens show 4 generations if they have been entered.

To see his second wife (and their children by his second wife) left click the blue arrows above the spouse card.

You can only go to a second or subsequent spouse and the resulting family if the subject spouse is in the PRIME position.

To see family who are currently off the screen use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

To move around the tree left click on any card to put it in PRIME position. You are provided with a miniature tree in the top right hand corner to show you the four generations available. The miniature tree can be used to navigate. E.G. a click in the bottom right hand corner of the miniature tree will take the main screen there.

If you are looking for a specific person go to FAMILY INDEX, select the surname initial and click on the name you want. You will be taken to its position in the tree. If it’s not in the index it’s not in the tree.

You can use the browser’s back button to retrace your steps. The small blue  i icon on a card will take you to that person’s biography page (but very few of them have been written yet; this is your opportunity to help!)

If in doubt consult the FAQ.

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